New game on the way!

Development for our next game has started! We are still on an early brainstorming and prototyping phase, but we have a direction already. This time we will aim for a mobile experience, with neat graphics, turn-based battles and character development/customization. We will update this blog following the game developments. Following is the very first background […]

Added power up icons

Back to work after the Christmas holidays! And already an update 😉 This update brings the much needed power up icons! And many aspect of the game have been improved, including graphics, UI and gameplay. We also had a chance to define the aspects of the game we consider more important, and we have now […]

Added turrets, and characterized enemies

A new Destroyetor update brings in a new enemy: turrets. Turrets are basically obstacles which fire. Like other obstacles they cannot move, and they stop bullets. However, unlike other obstacles, they can be hit and they will eventually explode (both the turret and the obstacle). So, in a way, they are like a first step […]

Destroyetor update: added mini kamikaze robots!

This update brings a new enemy unit. A really small robot that runs at you and explode when close enough, causing considerable damage. Against such a small and fast enemy, the machinegun is right now the most effective weapon. Currently, those enemies are able to damage also flying units. The next being discussed are turrets-like […]

Destroyetor update

This update brings a couple of interesting addition, the first of which is a playable flying unit. This unit can fly over anything on the battlefield, including enemies and obstacles, but its bullets will still collide against obstacles. It’s very fast but has little HP. The second addition is the ability of the big unit […]